ImprovedTube is a YouTube Extension for all Browsers, that modifies video player & Youtube to give users more control over all aspects of playback & Youtube site. With ImprovedTube, you can adjust the permanent size of the Players and automate if the video description is expanded by default or hide related videos to avoid distractions; make playlists play reverse, or fix video quality. And many other options. We created our YouTube Extensions carefully to make sure all existing YouTube features function properly and without issues. We care about user experience and made our options really easy. ImprovedTube cares about your privacy and only modifies your view locally, offline. The extensions enables faster video playback on some devices. So together that saved tons of electricity(/co2) (through h.264 )
A few more things you can do with ImprovedTube are: Fixed playback speed, disable up-next, autoplay, change video size to fit the whole tab or specific resolution, fixed volume, auto-pause, hide any distractions, ("presentation / teacher mode") to save time, to make Youtube more fun or clean to and use it in a presentation for example ("teacher-mode"), ..., ...and much much more. Instead of reading about all of the options, you should install the extension and see for yourself what ImprovedTube can do for you. Many of our users love ImprovedTube so much they can not use YouTube without it.

What are you waiting for? ImprovedTube is free to download and use. With over 300,000 active users, a nearly perfect star rating you have nothing to lose.
We are ready to stay the best and shine through transparent development on Github

More Youtube extensions

The following got some smart, unique or cool features. They are compatible with ImprovedTube (and respected user privacy at the time of our review):
Video Playback features:
Frame by Frame (Precision for all web Videos)
Youtube Speed Slider precise, below Player & Looper (& unBlob or VideoDownloadHelper)
Youtube Text features:
YCS Youtube comment Search - search through ALL comments, comments with timemark (and transcript.)
Invideo for Youtube - Enabling you to search inside of Youtube Videos
TurboNote - efficiently take and share time-stamped notes
Subtitles For YouTube - drag and drop .SRT files
AlienTube for YouTube (add Reddit comments, or: SnooTube),
Youtube Music features:
Transpose - Pitch - Loop for videos
dance or play-along drums, guitar, ... :
Save Youtube Bandwitdh (/data costs):
Audio Only Youtube (alternatively set low resolution in ImprovedTube)
Youtube-site Features:
FasTube - Prevents reloading YouTube for every video.
Hotkeys: Streamkeys (open-source), Ratings Preview for YouTube, Controls for Youtube, Youtube Subscription(Collection) Manager, Video Deck for YouTube, YouTweak, Better YouTube Watch History, Subscriptions Grid For YouTube, Youtube Watched classic view, Youtube Refined.
Youtube-site visuals: Color Changer for YouTube (we got a great Youtube theme customization now too), Stylish - Custom themes for any website Fun/Memes for Youtube: Nyan Cat Progress Bar for YouTube, Herp Derp for YouTube)
Content creator features ("Youtubers / Vloggers"):
Pro Mode for YouTube Video Editor, Tags for YouTub, vidIQ Vision for YouTube, TubeBuddy for YouTube

2. With ImprovedTube you usually don't need the following:
Similar features:
Looper for Youtube, except we have no "range-slider" yet),
Magic Actions for YouTube, except for video filters (fun) and country location proxy;
Bandwidth Saver, Hide YouTube Comments, Video Adblocker for Youtube, Adblock for Youtube, Floating for YouTube, Window Expander For YouTube, Youtube Playback Speed Control, Video Speed Controller, h264ify (open-source), Enhancer for YouTube, Iridium for YouTube (open-source), DF Tube (Distraction Free for YouTube); Dark Skin; Dark Youtube Theme; Turn Off the Lights, except if you want to control dark-mode with webcam Automatic 4K/HD for Youtube, AutoHD for YouTube, AutoHD Plus for YouTube, Your Quality for YouTube, Reverse Playlist, Theater Mode for YouTube, Auto Replay for YouTube, Listen on Repeat, Youtube Video Repeater, Popout for YouTube. YouClever / 'You Clever videocombine speed up bloggers'.(asking to change privacy settings now). We did not througly review similar extensions and of course some can be incompatible to eachother sometimes. However that's no real issue. Test them and tell us if you can identify any issues. (Just know that many popular extensions / apps require permissions to datamine browsing activity history, alterts or ads when they could easily make permissions optional opt-in.)
3. Popular but outdated: - Are you still using any of the following?? / Let's invite their developers? : SmartVideo For Youtub ( Dash Playback, YouTube Advanced Control; YouTubeCenter, YouTube Flash Video Player, Flash-HTML5 for YouTube, Disable Youtube HTML5 Player, Flash Player for YouTube.)

Are you a developer? We will be happy to review & link your Youtube Project above.
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Previously: July 28 2020: Sorry for the outage!

(/ "*"-permission)
ImprovedTube is made out of love for people
We were shocked, that our testing version was sent to everybody. Chrome Web Store actually got an option to test a new Version with 1,2,3% of users only - however this does not seem to work and update everybody untested...
So all it takes to confuse is one click in webstore. (this will not happen again). We learned in the last 8 years and the next 8 will be better/more perfectionist. (if you like to help testing though (rarely) please join our BETA)