Privacy Policy

Effective Date: September 19, 2015

At ImprovedTube we take your privacy seriously but there are a few things we log and store on our servers to make the service function properly and to improve our extension and website. If you don't agree to any of the following please stop using our extension and website. The privacy policy can change at anytime without notice. At the top of this page, you will find the date this policy was last modified.

General Breakdown

When visiting our site, we may store cookies onto your computer. While visiting a page, a log is made on our server of what page you visited. When entering information in our contact forms, all information you enter is only used by ImprovedTube. We do not sell or giveaway information. Some forms on our site add extra information to the message, such as IP address, user-agent, and extension details. None of the information added to messages contain personal details.

Website Logs

When you visit our site, our web server logs the request you made to our site. These logs include very basic information such as your IP address and user-agent. These logs are generally used for statistics to see how many visitors access our website. Logs are sometimes used to fix website issues and view previous pages an IP address visited to re-create the problem a user is having.


When accessing our site, we may store cookies on your computer. Cookies are used to remember users who previously visited our site and to be able to remember users who recently visited another page. Cookies may contain a session cookie which is a key that is used to identify you on our servers. Our server may contain information linked to this key such as your name and e-mail address. The session cookie is deleted once you close out of your web browser. We don't store personal information directly inside of cookies.

Extension Privacy

Our extension requires very limited permissions, only to YouTube and ImprovedTube sites. While on YouTube, we don't log anything you visit, click, or view. If you are an ImprovedTube Plus user, every few days a small request is made to ImprovedTube to verify your product key. No personal information is sent. When contacting ImprovedTube through our site, we add extra details about the extension to the message to help us resolve problems quickly. This information includes the extension version number, extension settings, and the date you installed the extension.

Contacting Us

When contacting us, all information you insert into the form is sent to us. Your e-mail and information you provide will only by used by ImprovedTube. We do not sell your information or give it away. When contacting us through our website we include your IP address, user-agent, and extension debug information inside the message. This information greatly helps us resolve bugs with the extension and website. The IP address in the message is required when you report issues with our website. We compare the IP address to the website logs to see exactly what went wrong when you visited our site. The user-agent is useful when fixing site and extension problems because it provides information about the web browser you are using, allowing us to determine if the problem is browser specific. Finally the extension debug information is basic information about the extension. This data includes what version of the extension you are running, the settings you have active, the date and time the extension was installed and if you are an ImprovedTube Plus user. This information is used to help us solve bugs with our extension quickly by being able to replicate the same settings you use. The information that is included doesn't contain any personal data and only shows data about the extension.