New Purchases Temporarily Disabled

Until now we offered the extra features through a cheap one-time-purchase through PayPal only, but currently we look for nicer payment alternatives and aim to sustain both goals:

- Enable access to more users, up to all!
- Development of more and bigger features.

How many cents per each active month was ImprovedTube worth to you yet or how many would be fine to pay in future? (If charged easily/automatically and only when premium features were used on multiple days per month and for users from rich countries, while users from evolving countries may pay ten times less or zero). And would you like to wish for any new feature to be developed immediately/guaranteed?

We are looking for micro-payment/tipping solutions, but few to none are popular enough yet (such as Flattr, Patreon, Brave Browser or SatoshiPay). Alternatively to require any payment we may run a page to vote for new features or donate specifically for them. And offer to forward reward to Git(hub) community, members who may be willing to help.

Suggestions, questions or just cant wait to obtain the extra features? - (If we make use of your suggestion, we will be happy to also award you a free licence key, put your name/link on our website or so. )